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Pulsed magnetic field therapy

Orthopedic practice Dr. Lemme
in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Pulsed magnetic field therapy

Supportive use

  • to stimulate the metabolism
  • for optimisations in cartilage and tendon tissue
  • to accelerate regeneration in tendon injuries, broken bones and cartilage damage

Application and desired effect

Magnetic field therapy is based on the assumption of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that magnetic stones can support healing processes within the body.

Patients relax on a medical table while a magnetic arc generates static or pulsating magnetic fields of different frequencies and intensities. The hoped-for effect is the stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism, which should accelerate the regeneration of tendon injuries, broken bones and cartilage damage with repeated use.

Certain electromagnetic fields have a stimulating effect on cartilage growth at the cellular level, but the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy has not yet been scientifically proven and does not represent reliable scientific research.